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MBMA Releases New Video and Two Case Studies

MBMA Releases New Video and Two Case Studies
Update Time:2018-10-31

CLEVELAND, OH - The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released a new video on its YouTube channel and two new case studies.

The video is titled "AC472 - Why Accreditation Matters" and is available to view here. Viewers will learn about the benefits of metal buildings for meeting their design challenges.

The "Roofing and Solar" case study looks at standing seam metal roofs and solar arrays for a variety of building applications. There are many benefits to metal roofs, including long lifespan, attractiveness and cost-effectiveness. 

The “Vehicle Sales and Service” case study presents a variety of types of vehicle dealerships and service centers and explores the benefits of using metal building solutions. An automobile dealer, auto body service center and motorcycle dealer are introduced. 

About the Metal Building Manufacturers Association
Founded in 1956, MBMA serves manufacturers and suppliers as it works to promote the metal building systems industry. For over 60 years, its members have supplied high-quality buildings for use in commercial, retail, office, industrial, institutional and other end-uses.

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