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AISI Releases 2017 Annual Statistical Report

AISI Releases 2017 Annual Statistical Report
Update Time:2018-07-27

Washington, D.C. – Today, the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) announced the release of its 2017 Annual Statistical Report (ASR), which provides comprehensive data on the U.S. steel industry and select data on the North American steel industry as a whole. In 2017, total steel imports increased 15 percent, while finished steel imports rose 12 percent and garnered a 27 percent share of apparent steel supply. U.S. steel shipments were at 90.9 million net tons (NT), up five percent from the previous year, but were two percent lower than the most recent five-year average of 93 million net tons. The report also notes that U.S. raw steel production was 90 million net tons in 2017, a four percent increase from 2016. The construction and automotive industries continued to be the leading end-use markets for shipments of U.S. steel products.

The AISI report is the most comprehensive reference of its kind, providing statistical data for the U.S. steel industry and a variety of selected statistical data on the Canadian, Mexican and world steel industries. It features extensive charts and graphs, including selected statistical highlights on shipments, apparent supply, imports, employment and raw steel data over a 10-year period; selected financial highlights; shipments by products and markets over a 10-year period; raw steel production (including selected state-level production data) and capability utilization; and, detailed imports and exports data.

“The steel industry is a large part of the economic dialogue nationally and globally, and the AISI Annual Statistical Report is a critical source of industry data. The ASR serves as a comprehensive and reliable reference for steel industry statistics, including an executive summary that highlights trends in the North American steel industry,” said Thomas J. Gibson, president and CEO, AISI. “The 135 page report includes numerous charts, graphs and other detailed industry information. We are proud that the ASR continues to serve as the industry standard for reporting on steel. I encourage anyone who is interested in industry data to purchase a copy.”

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