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What Is The Benefit Of Roll Forming?

What Is The Benefit Of Roll Forming?
Update Time:2017-11-23
Benefits of cold rolled steels:
Highly adaptable manufacturing process; easy customization
Required tools are inexpensive and can be manufactured fast
Short manufacturing time and prompt delivery
Excellent strength/weight ratio
Relatively little waste
Many inline ancillary operations possible: e.g. punching, piercing, curving, folding
Practical and constructive
Engineers are given a lot of freedom when it comes to giving shape to profiled sections.
Tools are developed in a short period of time, using a relatively inexpensive method. This allows us to pair cold-rolled profiles to their actual use in the best possible way. In this way, the steel is used to its maximum potential. A prime example of this is when a structure is intended for vertical loads, profiles are designed as high as possible in order to make optimal use of the material. As such, cold rolled profiles are able to bear the same loads as hot rolled profiles, but requiring less material. We are also always focused on increasing the practicality and versatility of our products: a steel gutter in a greenhouse, for example, aside from its drainage function can also be engineered to carry to load of the roof construction of the greenhouse itself.
From steel strip to cold formed profile sections
Cold rolled profiles are manufactured from large coils of strip steel. The strip steel is processed at a number of rolling stations. Each rolling station consists of a set of upper and lower rollers through which the steel strip is run. Thus, steel strip is given the right profile step by step.

All conceivable ancillary operations such as pre- or post-punching or, gaps, etc. can all be carried out during this process. Once the final shape is achieved, sections are cut at the right length.

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